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本文摘要:Nokia has officially made its triumphant return to phone-making. Most mobile phone users remember the Finnish company as the former number one cell phone manufacturer in the world, before Apple and Samsung handsets took over.诺基亚早已月顺利地杀回了手机


Nokia has officially made its triumphant return to phone-making. Most mobile phone users remember the Finnish company as the former number one cell phone manufacturer in the world, before Apple and Samsung handsets took over.诺基亚早已月顺利地杀回了手机生产行业。今天的大部分手机用户都会忘记这家芬兰公司,因为在我们转入由苹果和三星统率智能手机的时代之前,其曾是全世界第一大手机制造商。Nokia captured the hearts of millions during its heyday thanks to its phones usability, practicality, style and built.而诺基亚之所以能在全盛时期俘虏无数用户的心,靠的就是手机本身的耐用性、实用性、百变的样式和强劲的配备。

Nokia had it all from bar phones to flip phones to slide phones and even released all sorts of gaming phones and business phones.不论是生产直板、翻盖还是滑盖手机,又或是各式各样的游戏手机和商务机,诺基亚都始终如一秉持着这些。But all of them had more or less the same distinctive qualities and features that make former users long for some old-fashioned Nokia handset. Here are some of them.但是不管是哪个型号的的手机,都享有某种程度与众不同的特点和品质,正是因为如此,才让杨家用户们思念着一些老式的诺基亚手机。下面就是诺基亚的一些优点。

1.Durability1.轻巧There are no regular phones that are as tough and sturdy as Nokia handsets. They can sustain and survive years of bumps, drops and accidental throws.市面上没任何一款手机能像诺基亚那么结实,就算是经过多年的摔打和磕碰,它们仍然可以为你所用。2.Battery life2.电池寿命Old Nokia phones lasted for up to seven days depending on usage and model. Some handsets even lasted up to a day with the low battery notification constantly going off every few minutes.根据用于情况和产品型号,杨家诺基亚手机最久待机时间能约7天。某些型号甚至可以在手机每过几分钟就提醒电池电量严重不足的情况下,坚决一整天不关机。

Modern smartphones typically last for about 24 hours, which is why power banks are essential nowadays.而现代的智能机往往就不能待机大约24小时,正因如此,我们更加必不可少移动电源。3.Physical keys3.人体工学键盘Typing messages is faster and easier with Nokia feature phones because users can actually feel the keys.诺基亚功能型手机可以让用户更加快捷、更加非常简单地发送到短信,因为你可以真真切切地感受到按键的不存在。The buttons are spaced apart just right for those with large fingers. One doesnt even need to look at the phones screen when composing a message with a physical keypad.为了便利手指大的用户用于,设计者还在按键之间都尚存空间。

这样一来,人们用于这种人体工学键盘,在编辑短信的时候甚至都可以不必去看手机屏幕。4.Compact-sized4.个头小Nowadays, mobile phone companies try to one-up each other by boosting their handsets display sizes. Some new phones cant even fit in some pockets and certain hands due to how bulky they are.现如今,大部分公司都想通过减少手机表明尺寸来胜人一筹。而一些新款手机因为体积过大,造成有些人甚至单手都拿不住,或者放不进口袋里面。Nokia phones of the past were adequately sized and fitted anywhere they were placed.杨家诺基亚手机则几乎不必担忧这种问题,因为它们尺寸适合,敲哪都便利。


5.Variety of designs5.设计百变Old Nokia phones had some of the most outrageous designs the world has ever seen. The Finnish company didnt just stick to typical bar phones, flip phones and slide phones.杨家诺基亚手机具有一些世界上最怪异的设计。这家芬兰公司不符合于一般直板、翻盖或者滑盖手机的样式。

It also brought about phones that were oddly designed like the Nokia 7600, which was shaped like a leaf, and the Nokia 7280, which looked like a lipstick.它还设计出有了一款形状古怪的诺基亚7600,之所以说道它古怪,是因为这款手机看上去就看起来一片叶子;诺基亚7280则被制成了口红的形状。The Nokia 3650 also featured a circular keypad, while the Nokia 6810 had a fold-out QWERTY keyboard.诺基亚3650也很有特点,下边有一个圆形的键盘;而诺基亚6810堪称更有人眼球,因为手机自带折叠式QWERTY键盘。6.Snake6.贪吃蛇Snake was the biggest mobile phone game for years. Owners of old Nokia phones used to spend hours making the snake as long as possible until it filled up the whole screen.多年以来,贪吃蛇仍然都是市面上仅次于的手机游戏。以前诺基亚手机用户们经常会花上好几个小时让这条蛇显得更加宽,直到充满著整个屏幕。

7.Picture messages7.图片彩信Nokias picture messages were the emojis of the past. Being on the receiving end of picture messages used to be really special for a time.诺基亚的图片彩信真是就是过去的Emoji表情符号,而当初能接管彩信一度被人们指出是非常尤其了。8.Loudspeakers8.扬声器Phones like the Nokia 3310 have extra loud speakers that are almost impossible to suppress. Calls and messages are rarely missed with such handsets unless they are put on silent mode.以诺基亚3310为事例,这类手机具备可选扬声器,铃声响起的时候真是无法打破。除非你把手机徵成静音模式,否则要想要收不到短信或者接不着电话,还感叹有点可玩性。9.Ringtones9.彩铃Millennials will forever remember the golden age of ringtones. Nokia monophonic ringtones were simple and fun. Some models even had the Composer app where users summoned their inner Mozarts.千禧一代总有一天会记得彩铃的黄金时代,诺基亚的单音铃声虽然非常简单却朴实趣味,而一些型号的手机甚至还有作曲软件,很多用户就就是指这里苏醒了自己心中的莫扎特。

10.Affordability10.物优价廉Basic Nokia phones are as cheap and practical as they come, with prices ranging between $25 and $30. Even the companys latest release, the Nokia 150, is priced at only $35 before local taxes and subsidies.诺基亚基础款价格大约在25美元到30美元之间,真为可以算是是物优价廉。就算是公司刚公布的诺基亚150,在交纳地方税收和发给补贴之前,其定价也只有35美元。